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A tribe of media professionals, having years of experience in various organization and platforms, make our desk a very sober place as the hands, specially trained in the new media, work in tandem to reach out to you with the latest. At times, when divergent views fight and clash to find a balance, it suddenly turns into the noisiest corner in the world with all kinds of ideas hitting the roof. Our representatives in all the major centers in Kerala, Delhi and special correspondents in the Middle East, Europe, Australia and African countries would often join them online, making it all the more complicated. Heavens, they are damn funny when in fight! But, they are hell serious in cutting the fat out of news and to present the fact, without embellishments. No crap. No fat. Only fact.

Teamcloud media Pvt. Ltd.

A start up company and a collective dream of young journalists and media professionals working in India and abroad, Team Cloud Media, envisions grooming a new journalistic culture for the future. By making journalists as stakeholders, we believe, we could bring the latest trends in the media world over to Kerala as early as they get introduced.